Professional Transportation Services In Ghana

No matter what are your transportation needs in Ghana, Franklin Transportation Services will find the perfect transportation option for you to focus on you trip or business. Shuttle services also available. Schedule a shuttle service for your group, wedding or corporate event, take your students on a field trip they’ll never forget, or attend a team-building retreat with your church group or sports team. Franklin organizes shuttles for large-scale events of all types, and ensures that groups travel with absolute ease across Ghana. Wherever you go, we’ve got you covered.

Business Travel

No more standing in long car rental lines! Additionally, being a customer of Franklin Transportation Services typically includes deals that keeps your overall rates lower. Find the preferred car, truck or bus for your business needs. Needs a personal driver? We got you covered. Our licensed and professional driver will get you to and fro your busy business schedules in Ghana and make you feel at home.

​Shuttle services, airport transfers, and long-distance trips are easy with Franklin Transportation Services by your side. We’ll handle all of your group transportation at your next corporate event, whether you need one compact minibus or a fleet of custom models tailored to your group. With premium amenities and sleek interiors, you’ll leave a lasting impression on all passengers.

Shuttle Services

Transportation Services, Accra, Ghana

Corporate Services

Our corporate transportation services offer group transportation at your corporate event, whether you need one compact minibus or a fleet of custom models tailored to your group. With premium amenities and sleek interiors.

Transportation Services, Accra, Ghana

Wedding Services

Franklin Transportation Services provides day-of wedding shuttle services to keep your day running smoothly from start to finish. Guests can enjoy spacious accommodations on your shuttle as your driver transports everyone between the ceremony, reception, and hotel with ease.

Transportation Services, Accra, Ghana

Sports Team Services

Accommodate your entire team with spacious cabins, plenty of storage space for your equipment, and premium amenities to ensure that you and your players travel in complete comfort. Let a team of professional drivers handle all navigation so you can focus on winning the game.

Field Trip & School Event Travel

Keep students safe and secure in a modern charter bus operated by an experienced, professional driver. We’ll transport you safely from one field trip stop to the next while you rest and relax on your comfortable coach. You can also take older students on retreats and college tours with the help of our round-the-clock reservation team.

Serving Locations All Across Ghana

Franklin Transportation Services is your provider for booking a transportation wherever you are located. Although we currently service all over Ghana, our location base is continuously expanding.

We can provide you with quality transportation services to any location in Ghana. If you are unsure about your service area, give us a call at any time. Our reservation agents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will be able to provide you with answers to any question and get you an instant quote.